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Homegrown & Local

Whether you are traveling or live down the street, ordering our appetizers or desserts, we hope you’ll savor every bite, and when the meals over, wish you had room for more.


At Timothy’s, farm fresh food is essential. From our vegetables to our fish, we use the best ingredients in every dish. We start off our day handpicking fresh zucchini blossoms from the fields just down the street of the restaurant. Next, we head down to Piggot’s Farm Market which has been known in the Union Pier area for over 69 years. We visit daily in-season to select the day’s best tomatoes, peppers, and other fruits and vegetables.

For fish, we fly it in from all over the world. Alaskan cod, Ahi Tuna, Soft Shell Crabs, Sea Bass, Walleye and many more are all ordered overnight just in time for your meal.

Serving our meals fresh, imaginative and memorable are all important aspects of giving you great service. It's local, it's fresh, it's delicious. Come see for yourself, book your reservations now and Trust It To Be Wonderful!

Hometown Happenings in Southwest Michigan

We don't need an excuse to have a party, check out all the happenings year-round in Michigan’s Great Southwest! Whatever your passions, pursuits or pastimes, our area offers you world-class culture, breathtaking nature, entertaining events, fine dining and moments to cherish. Just click on the site name's below to find out more Hometown Happenings. We hope to serve you soon. Book your reservations now and Trust It To Be Wonderful!

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